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Merci-Merc-   Is a ghetto reporter, wordsmith, visionary and poetic story teller.  He hails from a place called (Brownsville/ East New York Section of Brooklyn, New York) where most people wouldn’t live or even desire to be.

This young urban author fought through all of the B.S. of the state, society, the US military, police enforcementdating games with random females, and worst of all, baby mama drama. There are other balances and challenges of life, in trying to champion societies social ills. Click below to see reviews and excerpts of Volumes 1 and Volumes 2 of the Trapped In a World of Words series.

Trapped in a World of Words is like putting the experience of a nearby spoken word show into a book. The wordplay will submerge you with visuals that will take you on an emotional and intellectual journey, giving you a feeling of total soul saturation.

The author has a crafty way of taking it's reader's situations that they are like the games of love and dealing with them accordingly.

The text is mixed with the culmination of grass roots accents, along with delicious hip hop flavor and street knowledge poetry, all intertwined to provide one with just enough flavor to help when you need that poetic fix.

If you appreciate humor, innocuous flirting, soulful inspirational poems, and thought provocative phrases, this book is for you.

This sequel to Trapped In A World of Words Volume~1, will include
an introduction to characters such as Abdul, Zukeya, Broke Divas, Chuck, Corporate America Sally, and Ronnie Real Nigga. 

East New York Jones
brings new antics with another romantic adventure. As you turn the pages of this book you will find twists and bends and allegories in the short stories.

These stories are for audiences to be inspired and/or entertained. Every story is a poem an every poem is a story. 

Trapped in a World of Words ~Volume 2, stands alone without support.
The excitement will dilate your pupils over-all and you will smile in your heart in time as you anticipate Trapped in a World of Words~ Volume 3.

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