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MERCI MERC is a freelance writer and poet. He prides himself on being a responsible man, veteran, and father. Merci Merc is determined and committed to inspire and entertain while addressing real life situations such as love, relationships, education, and politics. His focus is to uplift and "untrap" the minds of his readers so they may improve themselves, and thus improve the lives of people around them.

MERCI MERC was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in Brownsville, a residential neighborhood located in eastern Brooklyn. He graduated from Pace University at the Lubin School of Business in New York. As a featured columnist for Pace University from 1998-2001, Merci Merc honed his communication skills, and received the Pace Press Mountain Writer´s Award in 2000. 

He published his first book of poetry, Trapped in a World of Words Vol 1. The First Go Around in 2009, which launched his career as a writer. Within the next year he published his second book, Trapped In A World of Words Vol. 2 Second Go A Round in December 2010.

MERCI MERC has been inspired through his extensive travels around the world. He is not a rapper or a singer but his unique style of spoken word can embody the two. Merci Merc has written screen plays, and is presently working on a musical. Other related projects will come in the future.

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