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Dec. 30, 2009 By Yasmin W…, Harlem, NY

This book is definitely hot. Merci's writing is versatile. There is something in here for everyone. i really like God Bless the dirty dishes. It made me look at my own situation and thank God for My "dirty dishes" lol


Dec. 31, 2009 By Lana Gee, Orlando, FL


As a filmmaker and director I have read stories and poems in Merci Merc's book that have been told with the objectivity, passion and realism lacking in many films today. This book has been an eye-opener for me as it touches on issues that plague our communities, our homes and our relationships. Merci Merc was not afraid to address topics that have been brushed under the rug due to their controversial content in society. In Chapter 1 for example, he lets his pen tackle some of these issues in 'Young Brenda', 'Survival Skills Need an Upgrade', and 'Denial is Not a River in Africa'.

He also expresses the need for acceptance and growth in relationships as well as the hurt and pain they can ...
bring, in the poems, 'Tired Black Man', 'Going Green',' The Honeymoon is Over' and the short story 'A day in the life of East New York Jones'.

And if you have ever trusted another person but was betrayed or felt like you were bit by them, the poem 'Snakes' is a must read.

This book is a must have. I actually look forward to working with Mr. Merc in the near future as we turn one of his poetic phrases from passion and words on paper into a short film


Jan. 7, 2010 By kbh, Bham, AL 

I was pleasantly surprised and far from disappointed beginning with the timeliness of receiving the book (ordered during Christmas holiday rush yet received it in a week) to the end...reading the various poems and short stories. I can definitely say that there is something for everyone so you won't be disappointed. It is a great piece of work and the author is successful at evoking an array of emotions from within the reader with each piece. Personally I am glad that this is Volume I, which means THERE IS MORE TO COME... Great Job! Keep the originality and flying away from the 'norm'!


Jan. 9, 2010 By iarmymedic, Philly, PA

Good read, very moving, a true expression of self-awareness and the truth of life as seen by this new and expressive artist. I cannot wait to see what is in his future writings I am a fan for life.


Jan. 26, 2010 By ajm, Eufala, VA  

Initially I was intrigued by the title. After reading a couple of excerpts, I was HOOKED!
One of my personal favorites, "Struggle", which will resonate with everyone elaborates on the importance of self-determination and how without struggles there's no PROGRESS. There's also a rich diverseness of other topics such as; awareness of mental health, addictions, and yes a bit of sensual seductions. I was totally immersed during my journey through "Trapped in a World of Words." I'm anxiously anticipating Volume II.



Jan. 27, 2010 By evol_being, San Juan, PR

This work is simple yet filled with deep and real life issues. "Depression..." spoke to me. The hard times that make you have to take a loss attest that life must be balanced by trials and tribulations and with celebrations. Joy is more essential for a son to absorb than corrections, admonishments, and serious composure. Read it, it's worth your time.



Jan. 28, 2010 By Keesha M…. Oakland, CA

This book had me "Trapped" by the second poem. Merci Merc is the kind of author that invites your every emotion to ride alongside him. Giving you a sense of ownership to his poetry this author delivers truth that you can feel in your soul, like the poem "Depression is a....". Can't wait for volume II.


 Feb. 8, 2010 By Cherri D…. Boston, MA


I personally had the pleasure of being introduced to this book. Take the time to be alone to take this author words in as they flow into your inner core and will quickly grab your attention while sending you into a deep thought process, entrancing you into a visual that touches your inner core. This book pulled me into a personal processing that I...EVERYONE..... at some level can relate to because this in fact maybe you .... Each piece touching on life experiences, complexities, pathways, thoughts and feelings while dealing with everyday life and relationships. Emotional and sensitivity....The author touches you.



Feb. 14, 2010 By jbeauty30, Charlotte, NC 

This book is heartfelt real and straight to the point! I truly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to many. The writer has experience in life and it comes across in the varied subject matter and is obviously not a novice. It has passion in every word. Thank u Merci for sharing your gift with the world. Many more blessings to you!! 


Feb. 24, 2010 By simplyangie76, Cleveland, OH

A true page turner and I’m so proud of him... i can relate too many of the situations that this author has transformed into words. He poured his heart into this book. Sometime it seems as tho the words jump off the page and gives us a visual of what was going through his head as he wrote. I’m so excited and awaiting for the next round. Bravo To you Merci Merc.By the way I’m still reading :)

Feb 26, 2010, Marina, Brooklyn, NY

Folk that cannot relate to this book. Doesn’t understand real life.

May 11, 2010 By Yagyrl R-Boogy, Harlem, NY

Merci.. I'm sooo proud of you BRO.... Keep doing BIG things.. I LOVED your book.. (old BET commercial) Nooo MY brotha.. U gotta get YOUR OWN 

Jun. 23, 2010 By Shuntah A….Chicago, IL

Words are rough, smooth, real, painful and more than anything the flow of Merci's words are Beautiful. This book will massage your mind and the ride is AMAZING!!


Jul. 1, 2010 By mfieldsj…BHAM, AL

Trapped In A World of Words is a book of colorful imagery that only the mind of a pure genius could produce. Merci Merc takes me on a voyage of love, pain, hope and realism in a way that can only be told through the vehicle of greatness. I am inspired to be real and live a life that is not ashamed to feel what the world had…. and will have to offer me. The energy from this book rejuvenates my creative surge to bring into being a masterpiece of vanguard work such as Merci Merc book. I can't wait…. to see what he will produce next!!! Merci Merc, thank you for being so generous with your gift.


Jul. 4, 2010 By idratherbewriting, Baltimore, MD

Trapped In A World of Words is emphatically that and then some. The author, Merci Merc makes a successful attempt at ensnaring the reader in his world of rough, rugged and raw, stimulating and thought provoking urban poetry. Induced with hip-hop flavor, his knack for word play is executed with precision in Young Brenda, in which the reader is catapulted into the world of an [over] protective father and his young, promiscuous daughter. There is no escaping the lyrical postulating in My Poetry, and Merci Merc leaves you yearning for more when he drenches your senses with beautifully composed, seductive innuendoes in Blame It On The Boogie and First Date. And just when you thought his world stopped spinning, the author invites you on an intellectual tour through self-realization. In short, what this book may lack in pages, Merci Merc makes up for in depth. His freshman effort is a refreshing look into a "...World of Words."


Jul. 12, 2010 By bawelch, Brooklyn, NY 

This book was fantastic from beginning to end. I read it twice. I'll definitely check out this author's next book.



Aug. 4, 2010 By Swiss Cocca, Milwaukee, WI

Stories within stories… Each one completely unique, routing you to witness various worlds within a world. From a world of depression, regret, & despair to a world of emotional passion, lust, desire, and memorable conquests, to a horizon of self-consciousness, awareness, responsibility and accountability. I was definitely entertained while reading this, it appealed to my love hip-hop and my adoration of words and storytelling. Merci Merc created an excellent genre of literature; it is a poetic read with rhythm & rhyme. I give it a “M”, for Marvelous.


Sep. 15, 2010 By Shanekqua W…. Harlem, NY

I absolutely enjoyed this book! It's so refreshing to have an author that can captivate an audience, bring words to life, and speak on real live events that we as a whole either experience or see for ourselves through everyday life. Mr. Merc speaks on topics that are really going on out here in the world (streets) and I love the fact that he is not afraid to speak his mind. Mr. Merci Merc definitely writes from his heart and I cannot wait to read more books written by him.


Dec. 22, 2010 By Lenore P…. Yonkers,, NY

Trapped in a World of Words is a gritty look at real life. The writer is honest and shares very personal parts of himself through his poetry. Every bit of this book paints a clear visual image as if you're watching a mini movie. It's not often that you find a writer that can create a story from so many different urban perspectives; and yet the reader can relate and see themselves in the many different landscapes that are portrayed. This book was a good read that flows quickly. I am anxiously waiting for more from Merci Merc!


Jan 2, 2011 By Toney A.... Atlanta, GA

Although, brutally honest, “Trapped ”offers an amazing insight to what’s really going on in America’s hoods. I can appreciate the truthful lyrics expressed in the most of the poetic short stories. Whether fact or fiction, I think everyone can relate to some parts of this book if not the whole book. Its comedic at times and a painful reminder of our state of being at other times.  I serious suggest people buy this book take a moment to laugh, think, relate to a writer that really knows how to express situations or characters we all may have faced at one point or another in our lives.

Fortunately I’ve read excerpts from Vol. 2 and I will be purchasing it as well. I realized that is a growth spurt from Vol. 1 to a maturity that clarifies where this writer is going and it has me feinding for more.

Jan 06, 2011 By Angie B...Norwalk, CT

There is so much knowledge in this book. You betta go out and get yourself one.

Jan 11, 2011 Prosperity Queen, Atlanta, GA

Merci Merc’s intimate affair with words alerted my senses in the climax of each chapter. His smooth tongue paralyzes every woman’s defense and increases every man’s dialogue with verbal arsenal. “Volume I” dissects you open and exposes the reality of life’s tribulations, the good, the bad and the difficult. However, The Second Go Around has a way of heightening the senses to journey through life with courage and wisdom but yet aware of the obstacles ahead. Merci Merc’s vernacular transcends us to a place and time where the city streets are no longer a mystery. The seduction of words and mental acquisitiveness will have you laughing, healing, reflecting and contemplating. Prepare yourself for the vivacious energy straight from the heart of the Brooklyn native and get Trapped in a World of Words! 

February 6, 2011, LCP, Newark, NJ

Loved this book! Have you ever read poetry and felt like you knew the author personally? This is how I felt when reading Trapped In A World of Words Volume2. The book covers so many topics and there is not a single one that you can't relate to. Whether it's the uplifting "World of Words", or the fact that everyone has some type of dependency like in "I.I.W.I.I.", the book will take you on a journey. Download this book, you won't regret it. Give Merci Merc a try!

February 7, 2011- SunshineCW, Bronx, NY


I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!! Mr. Merc has managed to captivate the pure essence of everyday life situations, and put them into words that readers can understand and most importantly relate to. No matter your race, creed, etc, we can ALL gather something from this book. I really enjoyed Trapped In A World of Words Volume 2, it is definitely a MUST READ!!!! I highly recommend it!!! I guarantee, you will NOT be disappointed. :D


Never a dull moment


I was on a NYC subway car and I seen an advertisement for trappedinaworldofwords dot com I was intriqued to see what this book was about. I browsed around the website and purchased the VOL 2. I was really enthralled with the poetic rhythm and cadence of what I was reading.(Very creative and different) "Truer Reality" spoke to me the most for some reason. Perhaps I am looking for deeper meanings in poetry at the moment and this was a fly from the norm. I probably will give Vol 1 the old college try, but I will certainly buy volume 3 to see what happens to the Zukeya as she meets some nefarious pimp. Quick but a decent subway car read.

June 13, 2011, MsAJ 

I definitely recommend this book! It is amazing, relevant, and insightful!! The author has an incredibly unique approach in conveying each story. "Trapped in the System," covers the social/political awareness of today's working poor and the impact it has on family life. This selection discussed the effects of families being caught in the cross fires because of complicated and diverse economic trends. There are other diverse topics such as self acceptance, social responsibility, and the importance of healthy relationships. The reader will identify with the individuals in each story. Trapped II delivers!

August 20,2012 Phinesse from LFPMedia

Executive Producer - Phinesse Demps of LFP Media for wrote:

Men in America are taught very early in life that you have to be tough. Real men don’t cry. In the Black Community, the men are to never show their emotions or they are deemed soft. Hip-Hop videos mostly show angry men with the, me against the world attitude as if there is nothing in life worth smiling about. Author Merci Merc wants to change the perception with the release of two books: Trapped in a World of Worlds Volume 1 the First Go Around and Trapped in A World of Worlds Volume 2 The Second Go Around.

“I just wanted to write something that people could relate to. I wanted to do something that comes from the heart. It might not be for everyone, but for those who can relate, both books will be appreciated. I have not had one person, male or female, to tell me anything negative about my writings” says Merci Merc.

Both books are written in Poetic Short Story, format which makes it an easy read but more importantly, easy to understand. Merci Merc goal was to make sure that ANYONE who buys a copy of the book, which they would to be able to understand and come to terms with their own emotions while reading. “When it comes to Poets or Writers, a lot of time, Authors write over the head of their readers and are too concerned about showing off their use of words, verses making sure the reader gets what you are saying to them” adds Merci Merc.

More than anything, Trapped in a World of Worlds are personal stories of success, love, spiritual, addictions, failure, and doubts. “It was really hard for me to write this book because it is so personal. I have been through a lot. To be able to share a piece of my life, with others, so that I can inspire others” states Merci Merc.

Trapped in a World of Worlds is about life within a world that you live in, while living by the rules and regulations of the world as what is expected and required. “Being African-American living in this world, it is very hard. What people don’t understand is the Black and Brown communities are in a whole another world, that many don’t understand, many being outsiders and those within the community really don’t address issues and problems that persist. I wanted to give those folks in my community, which I love, something to talk about or know that someone understands who, what, and where they come from” concluded Merci Merc

October 23, 2012, livelife127

Merci Merc is a Powerful Genius.

Merci Merc's, Trapped in a World of Words Volume 2, sends out a Powerful Message to the Young Generation this Is the right book to encourage our youth to think. The majority of this Book is controversial, at the same time it Builds your imagination like how are these characters going to get out of this jam?... this book Is off the hook!

October 24th, 2012-  Prince NA Rock

I read the 1st one, all I can say is You can put your book in a time capsule, and 50 years from now we will know what's going on right now in this day and time. Stay wise and civilized brother. God bless.

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