Trapped In A World of Words ~DaddyDudeMedia TM


Q: Who are you and what is your brand?

A: Daddy Dude Media TM: Merci Merc, Trapped in a World of Words, writer, poet, artist.

Q: Who is your audience:

A:  Everyone! No, really, anyone with an open mind, who is socially conscience and is interested in Public Service.

Q: What is the goal of the website?

A: The goal is to market and promote authentic and/or autographed copies of Trapped in a World of Words products and ideals written by the author and/or to serve as a forum where other people can voice their ideas, give feedback, and possibly enter the world of publishing on their own under Daddy Dude Media TM.  

Q: What can visitors do?

A: Visitors can get information about Trapped in a World of Words, learn where the author is going to be promoting his books or speaking to a live audience.  The website will also be an opportunity for fans to give feedback and reviews about the book and writing in general.

Q: Do you have good pictures and content?

YES!  The author has been collecting pictures from book signings and has an excellent bio and information about Trapped in a World of Words.

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